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Natural therapeutic camel wool joint, back and knee supports for comfort, warmth and arthritis pain relief


Camel milk soaps and creams contain alpha-hydroxy which helps to plump the skin and smooth fine lines naturally.


Our Camel Heal accessories (socks, hats, scarves etc. ) are perfect for winter protection.


Camels have been close friends to mankind since the beginning of civilization. Check out our unique collection of camel products.


Intelligence For Your Life 

Ladies, do you feel like you always need a sweater or a blanket - while the man in your life is sweating? There are biological reasons for it. Here's Connie with the details.....* For more videos and expert information on everything from health, to relationships, to faith, check out

Posted by John Tesh on Monday, February 8, 2016
Ladies, do you feel like you always need a sweater or a blanket - while the man in your life is sweating?
There are biological reasons for it. Here's Connie with the details...

What Our Customers Are Saying...

I am a long distance driver, I have arthritis. I bought the camel wool knee and elbow support, my elbows don't hurt like before at all. These products are awesome. I cannot wait for the gloves!

Misha, Long Distance Truck Driver — Toronto

I suffer from arthritis pain. I came to the National Women's Show and bought the camel wool socks, leggings and waist support. I have to tell you, I was shocked to see how amazing they were. I am a natural skeptic, I don't believe in many products, but these camel wool products are wonderful. I feel like an energizer bunny, I feel like I can go for days and days. I recommend it to everybody!

Natalie — Toronto

I had a knee injury; I was walking around in my knee brace at the hospital. The gentleman selling camel wool products at the Trillium Health Center introduced me to the products. I bought a set and walked away without wearing my braces. I feel much less pain. Wonderful!

Amar J — Toronto

I have had arthritis in my knees. It got so bad that I had to walk with a cane. I have been on disability for a year. I bought a pair of camel wool leggings, put them on and instantly felt better. When I wear them, I don't use a cane. They are amazing. I recommend it to anyone with knee problems.

Craig N — Toronto

It’s been a long time, when I wake up in the mornings, I feel pain in my lower back. I bought a camel wool waist support at the Brampton Civic Hospital. I wear the waist support and go to bed. It’s been amazing, I wake up and I don't feel any pain. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful products. I feel better every day.

Jane H — Brampton

My name is Fred Jones, I am 88 years old. I bought the waist support at the exhibitions show and wore it. It seems to tuck in your belly and energizes you. I been walking around the exhibition grounds and keeping up with young people. I find it very helpful.

Fred J — Toronto

I work in retail and have to stand on my feet all day long. I get terrible lower back pains by end of my shift. I wore the camel wool waist support at work, it’s been amazing. I love it.

Laura — Toronto

I suggested my father try this as he is going for a knee operation at the end of the year and he bought one for his knee and said it works amazing and hardly feels like he is wearing anything.

Brandy L — Toronto

I am a construction worker. I bought the camel wool products; the waist support and leggings. It helps me a lot, I love the products so I came back to get more.

Ka Chew V — Toronto

I have had arthritis in my knees; I have a bad knee and I have a prosthetic leg. I bought a pair of the legging and wear them on my knees under my prosthetic leg. It feels really good because I need something comfortable to protect my knees. I love these products.

Austin — Owen Sound

I bought the camel wool socks and took them home. I always have pain in my feet and often feel cold. I slept with them and totally felt so comfortable. I woke up and took a shower and put them back on. I really love them. I could not walk before I had some much pain. I love these socks.

C.J. — Toronto

I am 67 years old, I bought a waist support. I wear it all the time, it feels wonderful. I endorse it.

Karen B — Toronto

I bought these camel wool products. I wear the waist support. I have not taken it off. It feels very very comfortable. I came back to buy a set for my mother. I am very happy with the products. It's genuinely a great product.

Roya A — Toronto

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