What Our Customers Are Saying...

I am a long distance driver, I have arthritis. I bought the camel wool knee and elbow support, my elbows don't hurt like before at all. These products are awesome. I cannot wait for the gloves!
  Misha, Long Distance Truck Driver — Toronto
I suffer from arthritis pain. I came to the National Women's Show and bought the camel wool socks, leggings and waist support. I have to tell you, I was shocked to see how amazing they were. I am a natural skeptic, I don't believe in many products, but these camel wool products are wonderful. I feel like an energizer bunny, I feel like I can go for days and days. I recommend it to everybody!
  Natalie — Toronto
I had a knee injury; I was walking around in my knee brace at the hospital. The gentleman selling camel wool products at the Trillium Health Center introduced me to the products. I bought a set and walked away without wearing my braces. I feel much less pain. Wonderful!
  Amar J — Toronto
I have had arthritis in my knees. It got so bad that I had to walk with a cane. I have been on disability for a year. I bought a pair of camel wool leggings, put them on and instantly felt better. When I wear them, I don't use a cane. They are amazing. I recommend it to anyone with knee problems.
  Craig N — Toronto
It’s been a long time, when I wake up in the mornings, I feel pain in my lower back. I bought a camel wool waist support at the Brampton Civic Hospital. I wear the waist support and go to bed. It’s been amazing, I wake up and I don't feel any pain. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful products. I feel better every day.
  Jane H — Brampton
My name is Fred Jones, I am 88 years old. I bought the waist support at the exhibitions show and wore it. It seems to tuck in your belly and energizes you. I been walking around the exhibition grounds and keeping up with young people. I find it very helpful.
  Fred J — Toronto
I work in retail and have to stand on my feet all day long. I get terrible lower back pains by end of my shift. I wore the camel wool waist support at work, it’s been amazing. I love it.
  Laura — Toronto