Luxury Camel Wool Throw Blanket

  • It has been scientifically proven by the University of Sydney that people have a better, deeper sleep with bedding products made from wool. Researchers at the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences conducted “polysomnography” tests, which use sensors to measure the amount and type of sleep that people get.

    The research shows the benefits of sleeping on wool, both for healthy people and for those with bed sores and skin problems (eczema etc). Scientists believe the wool improves sleep because it absorbs much of the sweat bodies produce at night, keeping skin dry and comfortable. It regulates body temperature, keeping sleepers warm in winter and cool in the summer, a feature that is particularly helpful for babies, who have trouble regulating their own temperatures.

  • Our Camel Hair Blankets Are:

    Healthy, natural and eco-friendly

    Thermo-regulating: 32.7 C is camel wool's constant temperature and this is the core temperature that is required for a comfortable deep sleep.

    Constant Humidity: Wool absorbs moisture when humidity is high and releases it when the air is dry. Camel wool can absorb 40% of its own weight in moisture but still feel dry to the touch. These factors promote a good night's sleep, particularly for restless children and babies

    Elastic and Resilient: Wool has natural elasticity even after being compressed for a long period of time. This is because animal protein keeps its natural crimp.

    Fire Retardant: Unlike cotton, wool is naturally fire retardant and difficult to ignite and so can be safely stored.

    Hypoallergenic:  Wool is resistant to dust, static and anti-microbial mites.

  • Size 130cm x 170cm
    Thickness 290gsm (light weight)
  • Care of Your Camel Wool Blankets
    • Handwash camel hair products in cold water (°20 C). You may use a mild detergent designed for wool or delicate items. Do not put in the dryer.
    • When storing woolen blankets it is important to protect it from dampness and pests by placing it in a tightly sealed bin or heavy plastic bag. If you are concerned about pests in your area, you can use a few cedar chips or moth balls.

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