Camel Heal Back/Waist Support

    • Camel wool waist/back protection bands have multiple applications. It is recommended for lower back pain and discomfort. 
    • Camel wool waist bands have been recommended by Ayurvedic physicians and Acupuncturists as a kidney warmer to enhance the immune system
    • Camel wool waist provides lumbar and muscle support 
    • It is a lightweight product, providing breathable lower back pain relief; bringing warm and sensory benefits to core muscle groups.
    • The warm, stretchable waist band wraps around your body comfortably and is easy to wear.
    • Camel wool waist bands allow for microcirculation of the blood because of its micro-massaging nature.
    • Waist bands are used by many baby boomers to protect from cold and discomfort in the lower back.
    • Great for rehab and injury prevention
    • Camel wool waist bands wicks moisture away when you sweat because of the camel wool’s thermostatic properties. 
    • Camel wool waist support is great for post pregnancy recovery.
    • Loved by seniors, pilots, drivers and those who stand or sit all day.
    • Includes one waist band for the mid-section of your body.
  • Size S M L
    Inches 26 - 30" 31 - 35" 36"+

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