Camel Heal Gloves

  • Our Camel Heal luxury gloves are handmade in Mongolia from the soft, fine fur of the Bactrian camels of the Gobi desert. They are hypo-allergenic, breathable and feel luxuriously comfortable.

    Camel wool is non-sweatable because of its thermostatic properties. It wicks moisture away as you sweat keeping your hands dry at all times. However in cold conditions, it insulates and protects the hands.

    Camel wool has a micro-massaging effect on the skin. The micro-massaging stimulates microcirculation which diminishes the sensation of pain.

  • Care of Your Camel Wool Gloves
    • Hand wash and flat dry your gloves.
    • For best care, do not machine wash as the chemicals and the spinning destroys the natural crimps of the camel fur.

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