Camel Heal Knee Support

    • Camel wool joint supports are excellent for warmth, comfort and therapeutic pain relief
    • They are stretchable and will adhere itself to the shape of your knee.
    • Camel wool therapeutic joint supports have a micro-massaging effect on the skin. The micro-massaging stimulates microcirculation which diminishes the sensation of pain.
    • Camel wool joint supports are breathable ensuring air exchange of the knees with the environment, without excessive heat loss.
    • Camel wool has thermostatic properties wicking moisture away as you sweat. However in cold conditions, it insulates and protects the body.
    • Loved by seniors while walking, driving and doing light activities
    • Great for rehab and injury prevention
  • Size(measure above the knees) S M L XL
    Inches 14 - 16" 16 - 17" 18 - 20" 20 +"

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