Camel Heal Leggings

    • Camel wool therapeutic leggings have a micro-massaging effect on skin, together with a warming effect that causes blood to flow to the painful area and diminish the pain spasm.
    • It wicks the moisture away from the body keeping it dry because of the camel wool’s ventilating properties.
    • Provides comfortable, natural compression and support for weakened or injured knee
    • Can relieve arthritis pain and soreness in joints.
    • Camel wool leg supports can help to ease arthritis pain and increase microcirculation.
    • Great for rehab and injury prevention.
    • Camel wool leggings insulate and protect in cold weather.
    • Dry heat of camel’s wool helps improve blood circulation, promotes vasodilation, and speeds up the recovery processes in tissues.
  • Size(measure above the knees) S M L
    Inches 14 - 16" 16 - 17" 18+"

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